Sweetwater Energy is proud to produce renewable alternatives to petroleum and conventional food-based products. So much in our world is dependent on oil – fuel, chemicals, plastics, and more – but most of these can also be affordably produced from renewable sugars and lignin found naturally in plants of all kinds.


Sweetwater uses patented and patent-pending technology to efficiently extract highly fermentable sugars and clean, non-sulphonated lignin from biomass to help meet the modern world’s increasing bioenergy and biochemical needs.

Sweetwater Energy is aware of the importance of patent and trademark protection for its products and unique processes. Accordingly, where possible, patents and trademarks are sought and obtained for Sweetwater products in the United States and all countries of major marketing interest to Sweetwater. We have a patent portfolio of 5 issued patents and over 30 pending patents in the United States and internationally. Three Sweetwater Energy trademarks have been allowed in the U.S. and the mark ‘Sweetwater Energy’ is registered in Europe.


Sweetwater patents and licenses protect the core business model and methods by which Sweetwater makes its products. Our patents and patent applications cover our business methods and provide a commercially-economical model for sugar production that reduces not only biomass transportation costs, but covers the economical production and handling of biomass for any energy or chemical purpose.

Sweetwater patents also cover unique pretreatment processes and separation techniques. Together, Sweetwater patents, licenses, and trademarks provide significant improvements in pretreatment processes and products making Sweetwater products economically and commercially superior over competitor’s products.