Senior Vice President of Research & Development

Dr. Parekh is a recognized biotechnology expert in development and commercialization of bio-pharmaceutics, chemicals, biofuels and products derived products from biocatalysis in addition to industrial cell cultures (microbial, mammalian and plant cells). Prior to working at Sweetwater, Dr. Parekh served as the Vice President of Research and Development at Qteros where he was responsible for process development and commercialization of Q-microbe for biofuels and chemicals. Previous to that, Dr. Parekh served as the Director of Pilot Plant and Technical Operations at Phyton Biotech where he managed technical leadership, operations and pilot process optimization, in addition to technology transfer. Dr. Parekh has also held various positions at Dow Agrosciences and Merck in addition to University of Illinois and University of Toronto as a Research Associate.

Dr. Parekh earned his BSc in Chemistry, MS in Microbiology, and his Ph.D. in Industrial Process Engineering and Fermentation from the University Department of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.

In 1997 Dr. Parekh received the Merck Management Award followed by the Green Chemistry award given by Dow Agrosciences in 1999. Dr. Parekh has also authored 25 Peer reviewed articles and three books that are all very well recognized in the field. He has previously been awarded five patents in the relevant field as well as two joint inventions and licensing rights, and since joining Sweetwater has had three additional patents granted.

Board, Community, and Charitable Pursuits

Dr. Parekh is an active member of the Indian Community Center where he is the Vice President of the Jain Society. He is also a Karate Instructor at the University of Rochester, where he exercises his skills as a third degree Black Belt.