Watch “Sweetwoods Explained in 3 Minutes” Video

The consortium of nine European bio-innovation companies that have joined forces to establish a first-of-a-kind wood fractionation flagship plant using Sweetwater’s Sunburst technology has created a terrific animated video called “Sweetwoods Explained in 3 Minutes.”

SWEETWOODS explained in 3 minutes

The nine participants from six EU-member states, won a €20.96 million grant to create new industrial value-chains using sustainable hardwood as a resource. The €43.2 million project, called Sweetwoods, uses Sweetwater’s Sunburst pretreatment as the primary first step in deconstructing woody biomass. The result is lower greenhouse gas emissions, lower usage of water and chemicals while for the first time deriving significant value from all components of wood.

The new video does a wonderful job of explaining the project itself, as well as what’s necessary to extract the valuable constituents locked inside wood efficiently and with minimal environmental impact.

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